As time passes, I realize that from somebody addicted to Bucharest, from the noise and crowd, to the hum of every morning, I become somebody who seeks places as quiet as possible, not too far from Bucharest or Ploiesti, where  you actually feel like you're loading yourself.

Always, the main option for me was Sinaia!  Sinaia has this first advantage that you get there relatively fast, and still has the charm of that old time, being the main tourist resort of the country.

I have always found it fascinating to walk in the streets full of history, to stay in the hotels and restaurants of Sinaia and see so many typologies of people, so many cultures together, to read the joy on the faces of being in Sinaia,  to hear them talking about the air quality (!!!!!) or the beauties of the city.

Oh!  Peles Castle! ‘You are so lucky to have such a treasure in Romania, near Bucharest!’ The leitmotif phrase in case you talk to a tourist!  I tested it several times with tourists.

Somewhere in 2017 I discovered a place in Sinaia that I considered absolutely perfect.

I am talking about Hotel Ioana.  That is perfect for tourists, this is already clear because it is positioned close to the heart of the mountains as I like to say but still very close to the center of Sinaia (it won’t take you longer than 5 minutes by car) because it covers  all the services that a tourist needs (accommodation at the highest quality level, the hotel has 5*) and the rooms are extremely offerable from the point of view of their utility according to the needs of the client (here I promise to come back with a separate article  that's a lot to tell), the Forest Restaurant, where if you started to eat as a tourist, I think you hardly look for another place to eat in Sinaia, from traditional meals to fine dinning.

What I want to suggest is that Ioana Hotels is the perfect place for an organized holiday to your own country or an adhoc holiday!  Let's say the stress has caught you and you want to log out and get your zen back.  If you are lucky enough to find free rooms, it is absolutely perfect, because all the rooms of the hotel look absolutely spectacular, if not, one option is to get in the car, go to the restaurant to enjoy a culinary delight, enjoy the Forest garden, or why not, take advantage of the Spa Center where you can indulge yourself with a massage that will bring you joy.

If you have children, Hotel Ioana is certainly the perfect choice for you, because Hotel Ioana is kids friendly.  

They seem precious words, but do you know how important it is when you have children to enjoy an exit?

What does this thing mean?

First of all, there is a playground to captivate them, there is a person to supervise them because it is not a solution for parents to go to the playground.  The secret is that the location knows how to make the child happy for the welfare of the parents J

Food is also extremely important, and here we have a big white ball again, last October when we were at the Forest Restaurant, Agnes found the children's menu, healthy and with an extremely attractive "plating", special plates  shaped bear, if I remember well.

The design of this place, especially the Forest Restaurant, is hard to describe in words, it has to be seen "with your own eyes".  It's a perfect communion of man with nature if you let me feel a little Eminescu.

The restaurant is built around trees, among fir trees!  The materials used, especially the wood, are extremely aesthetically friendly, in addition, giving to the space a familiar air.

I do appreciate the Forest Restaurant and the things that are normal to me, but with all that I miss in other restaurants I've been to.

The specially designed bathroom for changing children, the fact that there are plenty of chairs for babies, and whatever you may need.

Bonus, birds’ chirps and springs’ whisper!

Ah!  And very friendly and proactive staff.

I invite you to visit their site and facebook page and draw your own conclusions!



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Pe măsură ce trece timpul realizez că dintr-un om dependent de București, de zgmot și aglomerație, de zumzetul fiecarei dimineți, devin un om care caută  locuri cât mai liniștite, nici prea aproape nici prea departe de București sau Ploiești, locuri în care să simți efectiv că te încarci. 

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Acasa, gradina, verde crud, cer albastru, nori albi si pufosi vara, zumzet, visuri si fluturi. Cam despre asta a fost copilaria mea. Despre fluturi si visuri. Culorile mi-au placut dintotdeauna, nu doar in copilarie, ci si acum cand se presupune ca am ajuns la maturitate. Fluturii i-am adorat din prima clipa cand i-am vazut pentru ca in aripile lor gaseam explozie de culoare, speranta si veselie.

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Ușor, ușor, gradele urcă în termometre, chiar dacă pe alocuri mai avem parte și de zile capricioase, așa că iată-ne în postura de a ne face planuri de ieșit afară!

Este dovedit științific că activitățile în aer liber ne oxigenează creierul și ne dau o stare de bine, iar aceste aspecte ne influențează pozitiv întreaga viață, crescându-ne chiar productivitatea la job!

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Cu ce probleme existențiale se confruntă tinerii? Cine-i ascultă? Unde găsesc răspunsurile? 

Răspunsurile, pot fi găsite peste tot sau niciunde dacă nu există cultura/interesul tinerilor de a se învăța să caute! Dorința lor de a le găsi și a le folosi în scopul dezvoltării lor.

Recomand tinerilor să poposească în data de 21 Martie la cea de-a 6-a ediție a Conferințelor BookLand Evoluțion, conferințe care vor avea loc între orele  12,00 și 16,00, la Palatul Culturii - Sala "Marea Unire", din Ploiești.

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Joi care a trecut am participat la conferința de presă susținută cu ocazia împlinirii a 70 de ani de teatru, la Ploiesti. În general evit conferințele de presă, dar la teatru, le onorez, de fiecare dată, datorita faptului că acolo există întotdeauna un vibe bun. Există mereu Mihaela (Mihaela Rus- directorul teatrului) și Miriam, plus restul echipei, care de fiecare dată transmit nu doar energie, dar și multă creativitate și optimism, plus informație pură, fapte și evenimente concrete care se întâmplă acolo.

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