Funcția de mail a fost temporar dezactivată în acest site, vă rugăm să încercați mai târziu.

Funcția de mail a fost temporar dezactivată în acest site, vă rugăm să încercați mai târziu.

Funcția de mail a fost temporar dezactivată în acest site, vă rugăm să încercați mai târziu.

Funcția de mail a fost temporar dezactivată în acest site, vă rugăm să încercați mai târziu.

Funcția de mail a fost temporar dezactivată în acest site, vă rugăm să încercați mai târziu.

My dear friends,

Last week I was invited to a very interesting event held by Constantin Cornea – coach and psychotherapist. Subject: how can you efficiently combine family and career. Family and Career or Career and Family? No matter what the order is, they surely represent two big chapters of a 21st Century woman’s life. As I’ ve always been interested in this subject, I paid a special attention, as they said – only eye and ear.

We know that every woman is “on duty” in society to fulfill (at a high level if possible) a lot of roles: wife, mother, daughter, sister and if we talk about business: business partner, manager, colleague and so on.

A very big step in a woman’ s life to success is represented by, let’s say “the organization in the bud”, to be more accurate: planning these roles. This planning begins with the college you choose to attend, the field you choose to work in, the people you want to have near you (here I must say that I strongly believe that the people which are close to you have the capability to raise you up, to develop yourself or, on the contrary, to knock you down), your life partner, continuous learning in your activity and self developing.

A very important word that we spoke about was ASSUMPTION. Yes, for life and career success, this is a must be: ASSUME your actions entirely. If they are good, they will encourage us. If they are not so good, you will learn something. The most important thing is that each of us has the strength to admit his/her mistakes and to come to the right conclusions.

Important things to evaluate in your personal and professional life

  • Are you living your dream or somebody else’s dream? We all know that our parents have “the gift” to plan their children’s future. “My daughter will be a doctor”, “my son will be an engineer!”, on the principle: “if I didn’t succeed, at least my child would do”. If your are the victim of your parents’ dreams, face it and do something! Professional reorientation does exist! Otherwise, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life doing something that doesn’t represent you, something that you are not happy with.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your life partner and business partners: have those people essential things without which normally you couldn’t live/collaborate? What is bothering you, can it be fixed on the way or can it be tolerated? If not, stop!
  • The man I choose to conceive a child with/ the right moment/ the number of children I want to have. I was surprised to find out that there is an “epic” fact about this matter. So, not only love must dictate this aspect of our life, but also lucidity. Because a child represents the mirror of his/her parents, no matter what his/her personality is. They say that a woman can be a leader in only one role : as a mother or as a business woman. The modern society demonstrates that a woman can do both, but only with a lot of ambition and organization, I would say.
  • Job duties. Communication is the key to success. I found out that most people who quit their jobs are upset with their managers. Mankind has the natural way to defend itself, so a person will naturally try to blame somebody else. I understand that you have to “dig” to understand where the problem is and not just wait your future manager “to lick your wounds” made by ex manager J This will not ever happen!
  • Family duties. As I said in the previous paragraph, communication can also save your relationship or it can throw it in a separation gap. Talk, talk and talk! Try to be clear about your expectations of what your partner should do, about what duties he has. It is recommended to write down these duties. What is written, it’s holy! Do not rely on the fact that “he should know”. Do not forget that men can push you to the paradoxical situation when you are the hero of the house and you should do exactly what his mother did. Because: “this is the normal way”…in what century, we don’t know!
  • Time spent at work versus time spent at home with your family – find a balance. Require yourself an hour to shut down the laptop and dedicate yourself to your family, except the emer gencies (pay attention what EMERGENCY means).

Tips & Tricks

  • A brainstorming session with your partners or colleagues could give you new information in order to raise your value;
  • Your career plan must be very well done and presented to your partner. It is good to keep him informed about your daily schedule, but also about your future plans, in order to avoid unsecure feelings;
  • Say YES to the educational activities with your children;
  • Say YES to the romantic moments with your partner: a lunch break, a telephone conversation, a romantic evening;
  • Don’t forget about your friends’ events: birthdays, name days and so on;
  • Don’t intoxicate with your problems: your partner, your family, your friends. In time, people will avoid you because nobody will want to hear this forever. Also keep in mind the reverse: don’t let other people burden you with their problems;

Sine qua non elements for your personal development and your health

  • SPORT – must be done three times per week at the gym; do a sport you like (if the gym appears boring to you, choose something else like running, zumba and so on);
  • SLEEP – your body needs to recover in order to go on;
  • FOOD – a strict meal plan and healthy food; it is recommended to avoid food that only gives you instant pleasure (fast food, sweets and so on);
  • SEX – lack of sex can lead to frustration, depression, anxiety;
  • HOBBIES – don’t give up your hobbies! Do what you like even if you don’t have much time!


I strongly believe that nowadays we have to accept that a coach or a psychologist in our life can help us understand who we really are. I hope that we will overcome the meaning “to go to the psychologist = crazy”. It is a shame for our lives to think like this. A professional can help us communicate easier, teach us about conflict mediation, teach us about how to express our requests more clearly, how to free ourselves from frustrations, how to be able to tell when we are depressed, how to solve our sleep issues, sex issues and so on.



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